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Summerland Car Service

Posted by Constance Monroe in Informational

Summerland Relocation Services (SRS) offers a variety of assistance through its “Total Management” Service. Not the least of which is assistance with your car when you are not here. There is nothing worse than returning to Costa Rica after being away and not having a reliable car because it hasn’t been run in a few weeks. Except of course, having to leave the country last minute and not knowing what to do with your car while you are gone.

Rest assured, SRS will house your car for you on Summerland property and keep up with any scheduled maintenance on the car, payments or appointments, ReTeVe, marchamos and INS insurance. We can provide extended service to include any of the following that you might find beneficial:

  • No use of the car with the exception of starting it from time to time and minimal mileage.
  • Light use: we can be authorized to use it ourselves (Douglas or Jane) for $0.25/ mile or $0.15/kilometer.
  • Leased: we can rent your car out to a limited list of trustworthy drivers for $10.00/day minimum, $0.50/mile or $0.30/kilometer (or for a weekly or monthly negotiated fee.)
  • We recommend having INS insurance. It goes with the car not the driver.
  • Airport transportation for $150 each way … only $100 if we use your car and gas to take you.

Regardless of whether or not you use our service, be advised that you shouldn’t leave your car unattended for long periods of time unless you have a means of locking/storing it securely. Obviously, we also recommend having a trustworthy person start it from time to time. Be mindful of anything due on the car regarding registration (marchamo), insurance and all of the other requirements mentioned above.

SRS is fully aware that not everyone is relocating here full time. As a result, homes are left unoccupied, cars are left unused, and regular maintenance of land can become overgrown beyond recognition. Click here to request assistance with your car, relocation or any of your homeowner needs.

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