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SRS in the News …

Posted by Constance Monroe in Entertainment, Informational

Summerland Relocation Services (SRS) was recently interviewed by The Costa Rica Star in their February 20th article regarding the infamous Bender Estate, “Boracayan”, in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

The story of the estate won international acclaim when John Felix Bender, the husband of the estate, was found dead with a bullet in his head in 2010. His widow Ann Patton Bender was the only other person with him in the room at the time of his death and went to trial three times as she was suspected to be the one responsible for his death.Ms. Vaughn has recently published a book on this incredible story titled “Crazy Jungle Love: Murder Madness Money and Monkeys”. Click here for more information.

In the February 20th Costa Rica Star article, it closes with what it is like to purchase and own land in Costa Rica. Using this couple as one who became tragically disillusioned after relocating here, the article turns its focus on the more practical side of buying and living in Costa Rica.

Our own Jane Gregson is quoted as saying “Ownership of property in Costa Rica always has the possibility of delivering endless joy and, while this one certainly is no exception, due diligence is the only appropriate road to avoid endless agony.”

Huge thanks to Carol Vaughn for the interview at The Costa Rica Star!

Click here for the full article or email us if you are in need of any of our services! Check out our full website for our tours, real estate, construction or full package relocation services.

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