Relocation Tour - SRS-CR: Summerland Relocation Services

Summerland Relocation Tour

We take you on tour for five days traveling from Central to South Pacific and to the inland mountains. We will explore dozens of micro-cultures: house-hunting, cultural coaching and the nitty gritty (doctors, dentists, banks and shopping) of daily life. We introduce you to people who we’ve helped to relocate here either full-time or for part of the year. Meet ex-pats and locals alike to give you a really good idea of what it is like to live in Costa Rica.

Includes all meals, lodging and transportation; $1595 per single and $1795 per couple; $1000 deposit required. Click the button below for detailed information on timing and payments. Click here for more detailed information. Click on the button below to apply and provide us with your information. 

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