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Rainy Season Remedies: The Battle of the Mold

Posted by Constance Monroe in Informational

In 2017 we published an article regarding “how to survive the rainy season – tips for mold”. The article was quite popular and we received several communications regarding how helpful the information was in addition to several other tips on what to do in order to survive this long, damp season.

Today we hope to refresh that article, share it and provide further information which might be helpful to you as we work through the last weeks of this most wet part of the year.

In our initial blog post which spoke about mold, it was published the same year that Tropical Storm Nate hit Costa Rica and caused a lot of destruction. It was a year where whatever normal level of mold you might be used to was likely to increase several fold.

The article was developed mostly from experiences of clients and personal accounts of how to cope. Once one survives one rainy season after another, one becomes an expert pretty quickly. This go around we are sharing some information from a reliable source who saw our blog on the subject matter and decided to give even more insight on the battle with mold. We’ve teamed up with the Colorado Property Group in sharing this information. They came across our article and wanted to provide us with further information. Being fellow realtors, we are hoping to provide you with other useful information in the near future.

It might be worth mentioning that the link we share below is NOT one written by someone living in Costa Rica. The subject matter focuses much more on how to treat mold naturally. There’s also tons of practical information regarding the handling of mold and what to look for. Not the least of which is how to handle mold on different surfaces. This is key for living in Costa Rica as mold grows differently on wood than it does on concrete for example. In short, if you are dealing with mold this article is well worth your read and saving it for future reference.

Click here to view the entire article we are sharing today posted with the Colorado Property Group recently which will provide you with what they suggest are the best things to combat mold. We have heard that these magical ingredients work wonders, but they have gone through the trouble of placing them all in one convenient location. Read on and learn how vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed oil all work to battle mold in a natural, unthreatening and affective way.

If you have found this information helpful, please contact us and let us know! Better yet, if you have used any of the methods that the Colorado Property Group have suggested and if you have any further insight, we would love to hear from you.

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