River House - SRS-CR: Summerland Relocation Services


  • Property Type HOMES
  • Location Quebradas
  • Land Size 159 square meters
  • House Size 50 square meters
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Garages n/a
  • Special Code 0092

River House


Enjoy living by the river in this quaint River House. This 2 bed 1 bath home is a traditional Tico-style in construction and sits among nature. Go to sleep every night to the sound of the river.

The modern kitchen overlooks the river and the terrace allows you to eat outside surrounded by nature. You will enjoy natural light all throughout the house through sky-lights and other cleaver window placement.

Not looking to live among nature all year round? Use this property as an investment. Perfect location and setting for a turnkey rental. Turn your vacation space into an income generating tool.

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10,117 square meters 9 Beds 6 Baths
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478 square meters 3 Beds 2 Baths
0115 HOMES

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2,000 square meters 2 Beds 1.5 Baths

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