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Live in the View


Fire Sale Price

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to “Live in the View”. This stunning 360 view home is will not last long at this price. Sellers are motivated.

The 2 deck/patio areas provide exceptional views day and night. One view provides views to the Gulf and the other the eastern sunrise. The bar between the main deck and dining room can be utilized from inside and outside with an accordion-style window that fully opens to create a pass-through bar area. Perfect for additional seating/eating area and large parties.

Enjoy the huge floored attic space above the laundry room and kitchen which provides a tremendous amount of storage space.  It is easily accessible via pull-down stairs in the laundry room and has several lights to illuminate the area.

The large bodega (work space/storage) below the house is complete with a workbench and a large number of shelves and storage hooks along the walls. Additionally there is ample space for parking  which allows you to go from car to house via the inside stairs and not be subjected to a Costa Rican rain shower.

You will be pleased with the fully landscaped and terraced outdoors which includes numerous flowers, bushes and trees – some popular species include: orange, banana, lime, avocado and almond as well as several palms, rainbow eucalyptus, hibiscus, coral plants, passion fruit and morning glory.

Several items are being included with the home with a full-priced offer. Contact us for details.

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