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Marchamos 2019 – What you need to know

Posted by Constance Monroe in Informational

Marchamo 2019: What you need to know and how SRS can help

Your 2019 Marchamos is due on December 31st. What is Marchamos? The “auto circulation permit” which is the equivalent to what is known as the “registration” of your car in the United States. If you have plate numbers and your RTV (reteve) is current, you need to pay Marchamo before 12-31-18 to avoid fines and interest.

Do you need help with this? Summerland Relocation Services (SRS) will complete this process for you. We charge 10 mil and will put you on a list for next year so that you don’t even need to think about it. Totally hassle-free. Are you more concerned about learning the process and want to do it yourself? Contact us and let us consult you through the process.

SRS also offers a full car service program where we can look after the needs of your car when you are not here in Costa Rica. Read the blog on our website for complete details.

Stay tuned for our year-end newsletter coming in December. Not subscribed? Click here.

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