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Corporation Registration; New Rules and Deadlines

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Registering Your Corporation: Important information about ownership in Costa Rica and holding onto your assets. 

The Dirección General de Tributación (DGT) is an Office of the Treasurey otherwise known as the “Ministerio de Hacienda” and it is where you register your corporation. Many ex-pats buy their land and property under the name of a corporation that they establish beforehand and therefore need to ensure they are maintaining their status appropriately or their ownership can become at risk and/or become burdened with fees for not doing so.

As of 2017, all Costa Rican corporations whether commercially active or inactive must be registered by specific dates in 2018 otherwise you may be fined over $400 depending on how late you are with the filing.

The following are the deadline dates. The last digit of the corporation’s cedilla number will determine the date the corporation needs to be registered:

  • 1 – Feb 28th
  • 2 – Feb. 28th
  • 3 – March 31st
  • 4 – April 30th
  • 5 – May 31st
  • 6 – June 30th
  • 7 – July 31st
  • 8 – Aug 31st
  • 9 – Sept 30th
  • 0 – Oct 31st

To register the corporation or change contact information, either the legal representative or someone authorized by the legal representative needs to present the “D-140” form in person at the DGT office. There is an option to register online however, to register online you must have a Costa Rican cedula or DIMEX card. If your ID is a passport, you must register the corporation in person.

Email us for assistance with this process.

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