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From the first sketch on a napkin to moving you in, our work is GUARANTEED – we take the headaches out of building.

From sleek clifftop homes to bamboo eco-cabins, our expert engineers, architects and builders at SRS Construction will guide you in building the home of your dreams. Building a home can be nerve wracking but it is something we have a tremendous amount of experience with and thoroughly enjoy doing.

Our crews are experienced in modern techniques and keep abreast of new trends and best practices.

Our projects are fully contracted to limit the surprises. From ranchos, swimming pools, full renovations to homes from the ground up. We work within the seismic guidelines and guarantee our work.

We will shortly be posting a gallery of our construction projects portfolio, please bookmark our page and visit us again soon.

Need our expertise? Just send us an email.

SRS Construction Samples

Rana Gorda

This gorgeous home in Cana Blanca was built as a vacation home for a family with several children.“Rana Gorda” is brand new construction, has stunning views and its own pool; they started with a blank slate. Click here to see how we helped them build their dream home.


Casa Neville

This home was purchased in 2010 by a couple who initially used it as a vacation home. As you can see it has gone through several iterations of design. The owners now live here all year. Click to view how they turned this traditional Tico home into their own.


Coming Soon in Pacquarito …

We are so excited to be working with our clients and the designer of this gorgeous sketch. Set in the hills of Pacuarito, this is going to be the dream home of 2 of our newest clients. Click here in future after we break ground in January 2018. We will be providing photos through every step of construction.

Venables House
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