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Ask Janes … Why do We Call her Janes? by Constance Monroe

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Ask Janes …
Notes from Constance and other friends/associates of Janes that give you ANSWERS to questions and information that is timely!!

Why do we call her Janes?
by Constance Monroe

Jane Gregson is affectionately known to me and my partner Martin as “Janes”. We met Janes in 2008 when we rented her mother’s house from her in Summerland for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Martin and I were very impressed with the Summerland location. When we arrived, the Summerland road to the top of the property wasn’t even paved yet! But Janes’ mother’s house (Casa #3) was beautiful. We felt that we had rented a place in paradise and Janes couldn’t be more helpful with regard to directions, food suggestions; she even helped us score a hibachi during our stay!

Almost immediately Martin and I began coming back to Costa Rica once or twice a year. We got to know Janes better and better each time we returned and came to realize that she was running a full-service relocation business. Initially we thought she just rented houses and ran tours but to our delight she not only helped us find our home, but she helped us add on to that home, become established in the community and get acclimated to the culture.

Janes’ right hand person and associate Douglas is from Costa Rica. He too became a fast friend of ours and has helped us with many of the tiny details such as getting the electricity turned on or getting a bank account. On many occasions, Douglas acted as interpreter for us when settling these necessary things. While Martin and I are proud to say that we are often able to fend for ourselves now that we have learned some Spanish, we still contact Douglas to make sure that we understood everything correctly!

It was Douglas who got us into the habit of calling Jane, Janes. We are pretty sure that it has something to do with a familiarity of the male name James; and so the S on Jane just stuck with Douglas and that is what he has always called Jane. We joined right in with our Tico friend and have affectionately used Janes instead of Jane ever since.

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