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A Touch of Provence

$850/mo excl water & electric or $600/week all included 

This gorgeous 2 bedroom 2 bath house has an option of another bed in a loft in the main house. The decor and surroundings will have you thinking that you could be anywhere in the world. Perhaps you are in Provence or maybe somewhere in Spain … your view from the patio is certainly that of the beautiful Pacific right here in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. 

If renting for the month the cost does not include water and electric which will run about another $100. Also not included is the garbage service, property and pool maintenance and cleaning person who arrives weekly on Sunday mornings. This will add approximately another $20 for a total of an additional $120 a month outside of the rent. 

Renting for the week is an all inclusive. 

Located in a gated community, Parque Colinas Pacificas is a 15 minute drive from Dominical beach and 35 minutes drive to San Isidro. It has a gorgeous Ocean view.

The main first bedroom has a queen size bed, and direct access to the toilets and the bathroom. The second bedroom, (usually used like a nursery) has the toilets and bathroom access by the first one. The double bed in the common area is on a mezzanine or loft. 

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