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What You Need to Know About Coronavirus in Costa Rica

Here is the latest you need to know regarding driving restrictions and moving around in Costa Rica. Driving restrictions information below is from November 1st through December 31st. 

As of December 1st there will be new regulations regarding which establishments will require proof of vaccination before entering. Use the following links for information: 

Click HERE to read more in English about this requirement. 

Click HERE to view a video in Spanish on how to generate the code for people who were vaccinated in Costa Rica. 

Click here for the latest on border restrictions.

Summerland Relocation Services is here to help. Contact us if you need assistance in figuring things out. In the meantime, stay calm, limit social gatherings and wash your hands a lot!t

Useful Information Published Previously:

  • Wondering what to do if you are in the middle of trying to get a residency? How about if you are here on a temporary Visa? This link might be of great help to you: Urgent Information Regarding Residencies and Tourist Status
  • Costa Rica has a Plan for Reopening. Information begins as early as May 16th. Click here for details. Please keep in mind these details are changing as numbers of cases change.

Welcome to Summerland Relocation Services (SRS-CR). Headquartered in Perez Zeledon in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, we offer over 30 years of relocation experience with a wide array of services that include:

EXPLORE  – Play, relocate or just explore:  Our relocation tours have SPECIALIZED in Southern Costa Rica since 2006, and we know all the many (and often hidden) wonders in our area.

STAY – Vacation, short and long term rentals: We always RECOMMEND long term rentals and frequent visits before making your final move here.

PROPERTY – Buy, sell or create your own development: We have the EXPERTISE to save you from the pitfalls and help you create your dream.

CONSTRUCTION – Build, remodel or repair:  From the first sketch on a napkin to moving you in, our work is GUARANTEED – we take the headaches out of building.

TOTAL MANAGEMENT: – Residential Concierge Services, Property Maintenance and Management :  We handle it all from GUIDANCE to MANAGEMENT from teaching you how to pay your bills to paying them for you.

To learn more about SRS-CR please visit our team pages If you have questions or need more information, please email Jane Gregson, jane@srs-cr.com or call us on (506) 4070-0400.

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Tropical Blogging

Our first newsletter of 2021

Read on for the most recent information about what it is like to travel back and forth to CR and what the latests thoughts are around who is visiting and how many are deciding to relocate! The Summerland family might just be growing judging from the interest that has been shown in the last several weeks! We’ve also got some impressive construction happening and some new ideas around touring now that things are starting to open up.

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Rainy Season Remedies: The Battle of the Mold

In 2017 we published an article regarding “how to survive the rainy season – tips for mold” … Today we hope to refresh that article, share it and provide further information which might be helpful to you as we work through the last weeks of this most wet part of the year. Click here for some updated information regarding mold removal from our friends over at ohsospotless.com

… This go around we are sharing some information from a reliable source who saw our blog on the subject matter and decided to give even more insight on the battle with mold. We’ve teamed up with the Colorado Property Group in sharing this information. 

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Millennials moving: potentially the new wave of ex-pats will no longer just be retirees

Recently we have partnered with Porch.com; a provider of services similar to ours in that they assist you with most aspects of your home. Thinking of adding onto your home? They will hook you up with the best professionals in your area. Maybe you just need help getting internet connected to your house. They are your  go-to people. They will also help you move/relocate. Something similar to what we do here in Costa Rica.

Partnering with Porch.com (US-based) was a no brainer for us considering we walk you through the relocation process from soup to nuts here in CR. Thinking of selling your home over there and moving here? Use Porch.com and let us know about it. 

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Summerland Stories Corner

Notes and stories friends/associates of Summerland that give you answers to questions about what it is really like to live in Costa Rica ...

Boarder Runs As of April 5th

As found in the publication Q Costa Rica on April 5th: 

RICO’s TICO BULL – Today, Monday, April 5, Costa Rica opened its land borders with Nicaragua and Panama to tourists, in what both the immigration service (Dirección General de Migración y Extranjera – DGME) and the Tourism Board (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo – ICT), call “the first phase of the opening of land borders”.

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Your Friend Donaldo on: Climate and Other Insights for Living in CR

This is not advice, just my ramblings. All misspellings are mine.

Yes, let’s jump into the deep end of the pool and get into the sometimes controversial topic of climate or climate change whatever floats your boat.

Why? Climate is a BIG reason why people come to Costa Rica. 

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Your Friend Donaldo on: Doing Your Research on Relocation

We have had a few people moving around. One resident here left for Mexico, a lady moved here from Mexico, and a couple that I know moved to Panama.  Is there anything to be learned here?  Well, I think so and it can be summed up with some words that I have used several times before.  “Do Your Research”.

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