Total Management - SRS-CR: Summerland Relocation Services


We take our clients’ asset protection very seriously, and have the connections and expertise to get things done.

Our aim is to help our customers with the day to day challenges so they don’t have to stress over them.

Whether the limitation is language, or the knowledge of who to call, or where to go or how to keep your home safe when you aren’t here – we can help.

We offer many custom services beyond our standard offerings, for more information please email us or Subscribe to our Total Management service and you will earn a free consultation on any one thing you need help with – we will walk you through step by step. When you subscribe to this service we will become an ongoing source of information for all of your relocation needs! Simply click here: SRS Subscription Link to see the information we need and send it to us!

Tropical Testimonials for SRS

"We've known Jane for 10 yrs now and over the years she has helped us with so many things. She was a great help when we first got here by recommending contractors to refurbish the house as well as grading and clearing roads on our property. She and her relocation services certainly made the transition to Costa Rica a whole lot easier. If there is some kind of emergency we can't handle we give Jane or one of her colleagues a call and they always comes through either with advice or who to contact. A lot of people would be lost without Jane's help and Summerland Relocation Services." --- Ed Bradway - Summerland Relocation Services Inc. | MWH ADVERTISING